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Introvert Traveler's Guide to Exploring Mother Nature
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I Thought This Is A Public Park

I thought this is a public park.... ....I was not entirely wrong though. It somewhat looks like a park but it's not called one. It's actually a university.   Lingering Memories: Back when I was a child It was early in the morning in the life of my elementary...

I am Closing Down my Travel Business

 I am closing down my travel business (for real)..... ....but that doesn't mean it's the end for Emona Travel PH (legally registered as Emona Travel and Tours). In fact, it's just about to begin a new chapter. I'll get more to that later. Why did I decide to close it?...

Eco-friendly Gifts for Travel Lover Family and Friends

Looking for eco-friendly gifts for travel lover family and friends this Christmas? No need to look any further. Here are 10 eco-friendly gift ideas and where to buy one so you are ready in time for the Christmas gift giving. Eco-Friendly Gift for Travel Lover #1:...

Marlboro Hills: Lost and Found

 Does Marlboro Hills smell "smokey" to you (pun intended)?  It wasn't to me before, until the story below happened.  If only..... *sighs* Sagada is famous for its Kiltepan Viewpoint/Peak. The place where people go up to see the sunrise and a sea of clouds.   But...

Hanging Coffins in Sagada: Death By Tourism

Have you ever seen a coffin hanging from the edge of a mountain? Does picturing it makes you feel eerie? This Halloween special post is meant to scare you enough until you realize what "business as usual" in the tourism industry after the pandemic will result in our...

Kayangan Lake: Expectation vs Reality

Kayangan Lake..... The most popular destination that most first-time Coron travelers, like you, wanted to go and visit. You've seen it on postcards. You've seen it on photos on the web. But beyond the images posted by other people, you still know little about this...

8 Point Checklist: Eco-Friendly Island Hopping Essentials

The only 8 eco-friendly island hopping essentials you will need are listed below. Stop stuffing your bag with stuff you won't really use. After you read this post, I am sure, you won't need to bring anything else aside from these 8 eco-friendly island hopping...

Emona Travel PH: The Beginning

  How do you describe a ‘well-traveled’ person? What are the parameters that make someone ‘well-traveled’? How many places should he or she have gone to in order to be called one? To be honest, I don’t have any idea. So to call myself as a well-traveled person, I...

Simple Sustainable Travel Tips: 17 Tips For Your Next Travel

Make your next travel simple and sustainable with these travel tips. If you've traveled quite a few times already, you're probably familiar already with some travel practices being done by majority of travellers. Most of these practices, like flying for example, are...
Exploring Mother Nature as an Introvert Traveler
Emona Travel PH is all about bringing you closer to Mother Nature.
But as an introvert, it’s sometimes not easy for us to just leave our comfort zone (which usually is our houses) and connect to the world that mostly rewards extroverts.
This blog is your safe space, fellow introvert traveler.
In a blog world full of guides and tips from mostly extroverted travelers, I’m here to share how an introvert traveler actually sees and explores the world.
Emona Travel PH got your back.
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Emona Travel Philippines supports the Sustainable Development Goals

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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

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